Willem's Vintage Bikes


Motoconfort Critérium, 1962-64, size 58                                                                245,00

For avid collectors and enthusiasts alike, this 1960s French racing bicycle is an invaluable treasure. Its rarity and meticulous preservation make it a rare find that will be the crown jewel of any collection. Display it proudly or experience the thrill of the ride – the choice is yours. This specific model was made between 1962 and 1964. It comes with Reynolds tubing, a TA crankset, Normandy hubs, Huret derailleurs, Weimann 999 brakes and a beautiful leather saddle. Fully checked with new bar tape, spokes, cables, tyres, inner tubes and chain.

MBK Mirage 18, 1986, size 59                                                                               150,00

High end MBK (formerly known as Motobécane), 18 gears, perfect for long distances and hilly rides. A rare model in a stylish colour with its original saddle and Hutchinson woven bar tape. Very well preserved by its first owner, who lived in the French department of Vosges. Fully serviced with new tyres, inner tubes, chain, brake pads, bearings and cables.

RIH Super Course, 1968, size 61                                                                 gereserveerd

This bicycle was made for RIH according to the same specifications and quality standards as the famous Amsterdam frame builder Bustraan. This top bike is equipped with all original parts such as Simplex Prestige derailleurs, Stronglight cranks, Weimann brakes, Brooks saddle, full Reynolds frame tubes, rare Bluemel fenders and Cinelli handlebars. Fully renovated with new bearings, brake pads, bar tape, tyres, inner tubes and chain.



Frejus, 1968, size 55                                                                                             250,00

Fully revised Frejus from Torino, with new cables, chain, bar tape, tyres, inner tubes. Legnano hubs. Wheels rebuilt. Emblematic high quality Italian racing bike from the sixties.