Willem's Vintage Bikes


Peugeot PL10, 1984, size 57                                                                                   265,00

Peugeot racing bicycle with frame in pristine condition and various new components. Fully renovated with new wheels, Michelin Classic tyres, innertubes, saddle, cables, brake pads, cogs and chain. It comes with a comfy "high" bar. Feel free to discuss any other changes you would like!

Peugeot Jubilée, 1982, size 58                                                                              215,00

Very special model released for the centenary of Peugeot in 1982 with aerodynamic frame tubes. Fully serviced and checked with new Michelin Classic tyres, innertubes, chain, cables, bar tape and brake pads.

MBK Mirage, 1988, size 54                                                                                    220,00

MBK Mirage with nice 80's colour scheme. Fully revised and renovated with new saddle, Continental tyres, innertubes, bar tape, chain, cables, brake pads and bearings.

Frejus, 1968, size 55                                                                                         reserved

Fully revised Frejus from Torino, with new cables, chain, bar tape, tyres, inner tubes. Legnano hubs. Wheels rebuilt. Emblematic high quality Italian racing bike from the sixties.