Willem's Vintage Bikes


Peugeot P10, 1976, size 57                                                                                   225,00

Another iconic orange Peugeot racing bicycle! As simple as efficient, it will give you the ultimate seventies feel. Fully revised with new Michelin Classic tyres, inner tubes, chain, cables, bar tape, headset bearings and brake pads.

Mondia, 1988, size 63                                                                                             285,00

Another Swiss gem! It was made by Mondia, one of the most successful Swiss bicycle brands. These racing bikes were famous for the quality of their frames. They were manufactured by Jeker-Häfeli & Cie in the canton of Solothurn. This particular example was sold in the posh city of Vevey, on the shores of Lake Geneva. It has been fully revised with rebuilt Mavic rims and new Michelin Classic tyres, inner tubes, saddle, chain, cables, bar tape and brake hoods.The frame is made of Reynold 531 tubes and the high-end groupset is a Suntour Sprint with index shifting.

Batavus Sprint, 1973, size 57                                                                         230,00

A beautiful sturdy Batavus Sprint racing and sports bicycle. An archetypal Dutch product, surprisingly found in Switzerland, where the first and only owner kept it in perfect condition. Fully checked with new high quality puncture proof tyres and inner tubes. Note the beautiful, original leather saddle! A very stylish ride.

Gitane Azur, 1990, size 60                                                                                     215,00

Beautiful French racing bike in a very special blue colour called "Azur". Fully revised with new cables, tyres, inner tubes, chain and bar tape. Call us for a test ride!

Vitas, 1977, size 55                                                                                            270,00

High end Vitas racing bike with high quality Zeus 2000 groupset. Fully revised with new cables, tyres, inner tubes, chain and bar tape.

Zieleman Type Special, 1970, size 60                                                                     415,00

A real collector's item for the connoisseur of fine Dutch craftmanship! In beautiful mint state with Shimano 600 Arabesque. Fully revised with new tyres, inner tubes, saddle, chain, cables, bar tape, brake hoods and brake pads.

Zieleman Type Special, 1987, size 54,5                                                              575,00

Superb handmade Zieleman racing bike in absolutely mint condition. Ultimately high end Dutch craftmanship! Reynolds 531 frame tubes and Campagnolo Triomphe set. Fully checked with new tyres, inner tubes, chain, bar tape and cables.

Peugeot P.S.7 Course, 1932, size 57                                                                    650,00

Extremely rare Peugeot racing bike from 1932, thoroughly checked, renovated and brought back in its original state. Fully functional state.

Superia, 1985, size 59                                                                                        210,00

Belgian Superia in neat condition, excellent value for money! Fully revised with new inner tubes, tyres, chain, bar tape, cables and saddle.

Peugeot PH12, 1984, size 60                                                                                   195,00

White Peugeot with a few honest dings and dents, but in very good shape overall, thanks to an extensive check-up, including new high quality tyres, innertubes, chain, bar tape, cables, bottom bracket bearings and saddle.

Frejus, 1968, size 55                                                                                         reserved

Fully revised Frejus from Torino, with new cables, chain, bar tape, tyres, inner tubes. Legnano hubs. Wheels rebuilt. Emblematic high quality Italian racing bike from the sixties.