Willem's Vintage Bikes


Peugeot PR10, 1976, size 60                                                                                 275,00

Rare, high-end Peugeot PR10 in pristine and very nice original condition, the second most prestigious model in the Peugeot range at the time. This beautiful French racing bike, with its iconic orange livery, is equiped with Stronglight crankset and Simplex Prestige derailleurs. It has always been very carefully maintained by its first Dutch owner. Fully serviced and checked, including new tyres, cables, bar tape, chain, ball bearings and saddle. Don't hesitate to call me for a test ride!

Peugeot PH10, 1984, size 62                                                                                245,00

We finally found again one of these iconic black Peugeots from the eighties! Increasingly hard to find, especially in such a beautiful condition. It has been fully serviced with new tyres, inner tubes, cables, brake pads, chain and bar tape.

Motobécane, 1978, size 57                                                                                   220,00

This fine, 45 years old Motobécane has stood the test of time by remaining as fashionable now as it was when it was first designed. It is a naked bike that stands on its own, but feel free to contact me to discuss any change, like dual lever ("city") brakes or fenders. This fine racing bike has been fully checked and serviced: new tyres, chain, saddle, cables, bottom bracket and headset bearings and brake pads. It comes with its original, patented woven bar tape.

Hélium P10, 1982, size 57                                                                                     225,00

Coming right from its careful first owner in the French Vosges, this simple yet efficient Hélium racing bike (a special brand by Peugeot) with its striking and well preserved golden coating and contrasting green lettering will bring you everywhere! It has been fully checked and comes with new tyres, inner tubes, saddle, cables, headset bearings and bar tape.

Raleigh, 1977, size 57                                                                                             220,00

This stylish Raleigh racing bike with its rare frame is now 46 years old. It is a one owner bicycle that spent its quite life in the south of France. It is now fully refurbished with new tyres, inner tubes, chain, bar tape and cables, including double brakes.

Peugeot Avoriaz, 1988, size 57                                                                              220,00

A fine example of the iconic 80s Peugeot series named after famous French mountain passes and mountain resorts. Althoug widely original, this one has been thoroughly serviced with new tyres, inner tubes, bar tape, chain and cables. Feel free to contact me for a test ride!

Peugeot PX8, 1960, size 57                                                                                  315,00

Extremely rare and highly original, so called "demi course". This fully functional Peugeot PX8 from 1960 is now 63 years old, but still in his prime, featuring a Simplex "suicide" front derailleur, Normandy hubs, Mavac brakes and brake levers and Soubitez front and rear lights. It comes with a beautiful period leather saddle. This striking vintage bicycle, carefully preserved by the family of its first, Parisian owner, is now fully refurbished with a new chain, bar tape, tyres, innertubes, cables, headset bearings, bottom bracket bearings and working lights. An eye-catching collector's item that  will make you stand out of the crowd!


Peugeot PFN10, 1981, size 60                                                                            230,00

Very nice, 40 years old Peugeot PFN10 in original condition. Comes with Vitus tubing, Mafac brakes, Simplex derailleurs. Fully renovated with new headset bearing, saddle, brake pads, tyres, inner tubes, chain, cables and bar tape.

Peugeot P10, 1986, size 53                                                                                     235,00

Nice no-nonsense Peugeot from the eighties. This highly original smaller French racing bike comes with new tyres, inner tubes, bar tape, chain, brake pads, cables and freewheel. Reliable and excellent value for money!


MBK Mirage 18, 1986, size 59                                                                               235,00

High end MBK (formerly known as Motobécane), 18 gears, perfect for long distances and hilly rides. A rare model in a stylish colour with its original saddle and Hutchinson woven bar tape. Very well preserved by its first owner, who lived in the French department of Vosges. Fully serviced with new tyres, inner tubes, chain, brake pads, bearings and cables.

Gitane Champion, 1985, size 60                                                                          210,00

Nice 80s Gitane with a colour scheme typical of the time. Fully serviced with new tyres, inner tubes, bar tape, saddle, brake hoods, freewheel and chain. Contact me for a no-obligation test ride!

Mercier, 1980, size 53                                                                                           210,00

Very cool women's race bike, very light and sporty. Perfect for short and longer distances thanks to its fifteen gears, among other things. Fully serviced with new tyres, inner tubes, chain, bar tape and cables. Feel free to discuss any option!

RIH Super Course, 1968, size 61                                                                 gereserveerd

This bicycle was made for RIH according to the same specifications and quality standards as the famous Amsterdam frame builder Bustraan. This top bike is equipped with all original parts such as Simplex Prestige derailleurs, Stronglight cranks, Weimann brakes, Brooks saddle, full Reynolds frame tubes, rare Bluemel fenders and Cinelli handlebars. Fully renovated with new bearings, brake pads, bar tape, tyres, inner tubes and chain.



Frejus, 1968, size 55                                                                                             350,00

Fully revised Frejus from Torino, with new cables, chain, bar tape, tyres, inner tubes. Legnano hubs. Wheels rebuilt. Emblematic high quality Italian racing bike from the sixties.