Willem's Vintage Bikes


Peugeot Aubisque, 1987, size 57                                                                            € 225,-

Immaculate white 32-years old Peugeot Aubisque. Fully renovated with new saddle, chain, bar tape, ball bearings insteering head, inner tubes, high quality Michelin Classic tyres 

Gitane 1978, size 52                                                                                           € 195,-

Pure stylish racing with this 41-years old Gitane in typical "bleu de France" colour. Rare smaller size frame. Fully renovated with new cables, inner tubes, high quality Michelin Classic tyres, bar tape, saddle, chain and brake pads.

Gitane, 1976, size 57                                                                                         € 220,-

Beautiful, light and practical 43-years old Gitane course, with fenders, stand and front rack. Fully renovated with new cables, saddle, bar tape, chain, brake pads, inner tubes and high quality Michelin Classic tyres

Talbot, 1980, size 57                                                                                          € 210,-

After 30 years of TLC, this shiny red Talbot – one of former Peugeot's brands – is still in immaculate condition. Fully checked with new chain, cables, inner tubes, Michelin Classic tyres and bar tape

Motobécane Club, 1980, size 59                                                                         € 215,-

Reliable Motobécane "demi-course" in an beautifully preserved colour and finish. Fully checked: new cables, inner tyres, chain, saddle, Michelin Classic tyres.

Peugeot Ventoux, 1987, size 57                                                                            € 230,-

The mythic Ventoux. Beautiful, nearly spotless lightweight high-quality Reynolds 501 frame. Fully renovated: new bar tape, cables, chain, Michelin Classic tyres, bearings (bottom bracket)

Peugeot PL45, 1983, size 53                                                                               € 215,-

Fully renovated: new cables, Michelin Classic tyres, inner tubes, chain, bar tape. Reconditioned wheels and crank.

Mercier, 1982, size 58                                                                                           € 230,-

The iconic pink Mercier! Very nice condition, beautiful finish. Light Vitus frame. Fully renovated: new Michelin Classic tyres, inner tubes, chain, cables, bar tape

Peugeot P100S St-Gothard, 1992, size 57                                                              € 235,-

One of Peugeot’s first computer aided designed bicycles. Pristine condition. Shimano SIS. Fully checked: new Continental Gravel tyres, inner tubes, chain, cables, saddle


Motobécane Club, 1980, size 57                                                                           € 210,-

Fully renovated: new Michelin Classic tyres, inner tubes, chain, cables, saddle, brake pads

Gitane Diffusion, 1984, size 54                                                                            € 220,-

Fully checked: new Michelin Classic tyres and chain


La France, 1980, size 55                                                                                       € 215,-                                                                            

High quality Reynolds frame. Fully renovated: new Michelin Classic tyres, inner tubes, cables, chain, bar tape

Batavus Professional, 1985, maat 57                                                                      € 230,-

High end Dutch racing bicycle, full Reynolds frame. Very good overall condition. Fully checked: new Michelin tyres, inner tubes, saddle, chain. 


Ducreuzet, maat 57, 1980                                                                                € 185,-