Willem's Vintage Bikes


Peugeot Lautaret, 1987, size 57                                                                              215,00

Fully serviced with new inner tyres, high quality Michelin Classic tyres, chain and brake pads.

Peugeot, 1983, size 58                                                                                           215,00

Rare "mixte" racing bike from Peugeot. Fully serviced with new cables, chain, inner tubes, high quality Michelin Classic tyres and bar tape. Fully original configuration.

Motobécane, 1982, size 57                                                                                    195,00

Fully serviced with new cables, chain, inner tubes and high quality Michelin Classic tyres.

Motoconfort Super Champion, 1976, size 57                                                reserved

Beautiful French Motoconfort Super Champion in rare colour. Lightweight 531 Reynolds frame. Very nice original condition all over. Fully serviced, including new tyres, inner tubes, bar tape, chain, cables and bearings.

Frejus, 1968, size 55                                                                                         reserved

Fully revised Frejus from Torino, with new cables, chain, bar tape, tyres, inner tubes. Legnano hubs. Wheels rebuilt. Emblematic high quality Italian racing bike from the sixties.


Ken Bird, 1980, size 61                                                                                          275,00

Lightweight British racing bike, fully renovated with Campagnolo Grand Sport and Shimano Dura Ace components, Cinelli stem and handle bar, San Marco Rolls saddle. New tyres, inner tubes, chain, cables, bar tape, bearings and brake hoods.

"Ken Bird started his career working for the famed Claud Butler. Ken served as team mechanic to the British Tour de France squad three times (including the fateful ’67 tour when friend Tom Simpson died during his ascent of Mt. Ventoux). All the frames that carried Ken Bird’s name had a well-deserved reputation for quality. Some were said to be built at the Holdsworth works in Anerley, London. Other top-of-the-line frames were said to be built by Charles Roberts." [www.classicrendezvous.com]

MBK Trainer Paris 1992, size 61                                                                               220,00

Immaculate white MBK Trainer "Paris 1992". A very special and rare edition that was marketed as part of the expected Olympic games of 1992 in Paris, except the Olympic Games never took place in Paris that year, but in Barcelona. The management of MBK apparently were not told that you have to catch the bear before you sell its skin. Anyway, this overconfidence in Paris' chances to win the bid for the 1992 Olympic Games resulted in the production of a line of dedicated white racing bicycles, from which this one is a very well preserved example. Cautiously maintained by its former owner, it has been fully checked and serviced and comes with new high quality Michelin Classic tyres, chain, cables and saddle. MBK having been the new name of Motobécane since 1983, this MBK still features the original patented Motobécane bar tape.

Talbot, 1986, size 60                                                                                             215,00

Talbot – basically a Peugeot – in a rare, classic grey livery, exceptionally well-maintained by its previous owner. Fully checked and serviced with new Michelin Classic tyres, saddle, chain and brake pads. This fine, nearly 35-years old example must be one of the very last Talbots produced. In 1980, Peugeot absorbed car manufacturer Simca/Chrysler and resurrected the prestigious Talbot name to sell the existing Simca models and create a new breed of mid-range bicycles. These were manufactured until 1986, when brand name Talbot was finally buried by Peugeot.

Please contact me for a test ride or for any customisation or extra, like fenders or dual lever "city" brakes.

Talbot, 1983, size 57                                                                                              215,00

Very well-kept, 35-years old Talbot, which was basically a Peugeot. "Naked" racing bicycles in this near new condition are increasingly hard to find. This one has been fully checked and serviced and received new tyres, bar tape, cables and chain, as well as highly practical dual lever "city" brakes. This is the basic version, but feel free to contact me and discuss any extra.

Motobécane Supersprint, 1979, size 58                                                                 210,00

This fine, 40 years old Motobécane has stood the test of time by remaining as fashionable now as it was when it was first designed, showing only minor dents and scratches. It is a naked bike that stands on its own, but feel free to contact me to discuss any change, like for example dual lever ("city") brakes or fenders. This fine racing bike has been fully checked and serviced without cutting costs: new high quality tyres, chain, saddle, cables and brake pads. Including the original bar tape patented by Motobécane!

Motobécane, 1980, size 53                                                                                       195,00

Beautiful, honest and sturdy blue Motobécane. Rare small size. Fully checked and serviced with new high quality tyres, chain and saddle. Naked version, please contact me for a test ride or to discuss any  option like dual lever ("city") brakes, fenders, etc.

Cycles Gitane 1981, size 57                                                                                     215,00

Beautifully well-kept  and fully original Gitane. Increasingly hard to find in this condition. New tyres, chain and bar tape. Customized items on request.

Motobécane 1978, size 57                                                                                       220,00

Beautiful, very well preserved Motobécane. Increasingly rare in this condition. Fully renovated. All parts original. Virtually new tyres, new chain. Customized items on request.

Peugeot Touraine, 1990, size 57                                                                             195,00

Fine, sturdy and well kept Peugeot Touraine touring bike, fully renovated with new high quality Michelin Classic tyres, inner tubes, cables, bar tape and chain.